Established in 2020 in Los Angeles, Gild Atelier was founded by the creative dualistic spirit of Drew Martin and Lara Hoff Smith: each bringing their unique and distinctive skill sets together to create a truly iconic and inspirational luxury fashion brand. They approach headwear as an object of lasting devotion, worn and loved over time, separated from its conventional position as a utilitarian casual staple.

The intent from day one was to lay the groundwork to build a company that stands out with everyday artisanal enabled products that create a complete lifestyle for its customers. By combining craftsmanship with a refined modern style, Gild looks to create and establish the “luxury headwear” category.

Gild combines cutting-edge, innovative technology and modern design principles to create lifelong products that stand the test of time and are essentially season less. Inspired by Italian artisanal manufacturing, Gild’s constant focus on product innovation, quality, and materials are part of its recognizable traits. We have a firm will to preserve traditional craft, making it of the moment, channeling the warmth of the artisanal hand.

Rooted in respect, we firmly believe it is our social responsibility to be mindful and considerate of every touchpoint from the creation and manufacturing of our products to the way our customers interact and purchase our creations. Craftsmanship is our focus, which we believe is an indispensable element to safeguard the luxury world from the excessive rapidity which risks swallowing the system.